Five Reasons Why Women "Need" So Many Bags

They are called baguettes, bowling, clutches, totes, and many more. And a woman would probably want to have more than one of each type of bags. Just as many men have obsessions with cars, many women can't live without their many types of bags. Below are five probable reasons why they really do "need" that many.

  1. Different bag for different purpose / occasion. Well, this is probably the most logical reason of all. That tote bag that your carry to your office would probably not be suitable to carry to a romantic dinner with your loved one. And when you need to carry more things, you will need a bigger bag, not those mini bags that can only fit your wallet and other small items. So, the more activities that a woman has, the more bags she will probably need to serve the many different purposes for each activities. Make sense? Yes!
  2. Different bag to match different clothes. Slightly similar to the above, but this reason, instead of being related to the functionality of the bags, it is more on the design and appearance of the bag. As we all know, women tends to be more fashion-inclined compared to men. And so they like to dress to the occasion, and that of course includes the bags that they carry.
  3. Women just love to look beautiful and attractive all the time. As part of their fashionable appearance, together with make up and dress of course, carrying bags can enhance their outward appearance to look more glamorous, sexy (perhaps?), or classy. This reason is actually very closely related to reason number two above. But it is slightly different in that with this reason, women might need more bags to match the same type of clothing. The keyword being "all the time". They would prefer to go out with different kind of bags and clothes combination than to always match the same clothes with the same bag.
  4. Shopaholic. This is pretty much self-explanatory. A shopaholic women might end up with a lot of bags (together with a lot of clothes, shoes for that matter) after a period of time.
  5. For collection. Just as some men like to collect expensive "toys" such as cars, some women likes to collect bags. Not necessarily for usage, but mainly for collection.

Well, I'm not a woman and I can't claim to be expert in this field. The above are derived from some observation and deductive thinking. What do you think? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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