• Be Careful of These Fashion Mistakes
    Do you mix too many trends? Wear clothes that are too small or too big? Wearing wrong coat? These are some of the mistakes to avoid to ensure you always look great in your outfit. Sarah Bernard explains more in the following video. Read more ...
  • Various Types of Bags
    You'd be surprised at how many different bags there are in the world from the humble plastic carrier bag to the more trendy laptop bag. What sort of bag you end up buying really depends on your needs.Below is a brief introduction to the types of bags we have in the market now. Read more ...
  • Guide in Choosing Shoes Perfect for Your Outfit
    Men and women always keep an eye on the latest trend of shoes which are mostly launched by the top and famous shoe designers. Every time there are new styles of shoes coming out on the market, most of them can't wait to buy their own one. That's because they always love to wear the hottest and trendiest shoes without knowing whether these accessories would perfectly complement their outfit or not. Perhaps, this is one of their biggest mistakes in fashion since they put much emphasis on following the latest trendy shoes without considering the importance of coordinating them with their clothes. Read more ...
  • How to Choose the Perfect Handbag
    There are so many handbags on offer, how to select the one that would complement your figure and go with most of your outfits? See fashion expert tips. Read more ...
  • Five Reasons Why Women "Need" So Many Bags
    They are called baguettes, bowling, clutches, totes, and many more. And a woman would probably want to have more than one of each type of bags. Just as many men have obsessions with cars, many women can't live without their many types of bags. Below are five probable reasons why they really do "need" that many. Read more ...

Fashion News

» On the Runway Moving
Wed, 20 May 2015 13:42:21 +0000

On the Runway's daily features can now be found at the blog's topics page, as well as at the Styles home page.

» After Frank Gehry and Louis Vuitton Comes Renzo Piano and MaxMara
Fri, 24 Apr 2015 13:10:05 +0000

The designer of the new Whitney Museum and the fashion house have created a handbag.

» Why Athletic Brands May Be the Greenest Fashion Sector
Thu, 23 Apr 2015 12:42:37 +0000

They reviewed their supply chains before other fashion sectors, use techno fabrics and know that their target customer cares about the environment. All that adds up to high rankings on sustainability indexes.

» How a Color Becomes a Trend: Introducing Minion Yellow
Tue, 21 Apr 2015 12:55:45 +0000

The Pantone company creates a new shade linked to the summer's "Despicable Me" spinoff, and all ready for the new royal baby.

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